The Fukushimagata Lagoon is in Niigata prefecture located on the Sea of Japan side. Itfs takes 2.5 hours by shinkansen(bullet train) from Tokyo. The Fukushimagata Lagoon is a fresh water lake approximately 271ha in the area.  
Fukushimagata Lagoon water Park
The history of this lagoon is the struggle with the water flow in from the 13 streams. People who lives in this area, tried to reclaim and increase the yield of rice. But the period, reduce acreage, had arrived, they have chosen to coexist with this lagoon. And having allowed it to restore to the past, so it can be given to the next generation. Around this lagoon, you can see the birds over 220 kinds and 450 kinds of plants.  
And The Fukushimagata Lagoon has been chosen as follows:
The Water Station Viw Fukushimagata
We exhibit about the history and culture of this area, and the animals and plants live in, on this building by using original videos, photographs and permanent exhibits. Also, you can enjoy the view of this lagoon from 4th floor to rooftop through the glassed slope.
Yusuiken the heated swimming pool
Enjoy the warm heated swimming pools in the indoor pools, the jacuzzie and the water slide pool. In outside, there are bumpy water slide pool and the uniqe water slider. What is more, you can take a ride on the Kibune(old-fahioned wooden boats). This is the hot spot for the couples and families.
The northern limit of the Onibasu(Gorgon Plant)
The Fukusihmagata Lagoon is well known as the northern limit of Onibasu(Gorgon Plant). Niigata City is trying to protect and increase the Onibasu which are facing the danger of extinction. Onibasu has a beautiful violet-red flower with leaves of 1.5-2.0 meters in diameter. The blooming season is the summer, from the end of July to September.
The best hibernaculum for the Oohishikui(Middenorff's Bean Goosee) in Japan
For migratory birds, The Fukushimagata Lagoon is the best place to take a rest for the migration. Since ancient times, people have been eased to looking at the Oohisikui flying over The Fukushimagata Lagoon. Now, the Oohisikui is one of the natural monuments in Japan, and this lagoon supports the highest numbers of wintering population in Japan. The Oohisikui fly from Kamchatka, Russia, and staying from the end of September to the beginning of March.
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