A Brief Biography of Ryu Ohta

Born 1930 in Saharin.
Entered the Tokyo University of Science in 1949.
Studied Marxism on his own and became an official youth Party member in
October of 1945, and a party member of Communism two years later.
In 1952, realizing the true motives and behaviour of Stalin, denounced the
official Party and left, to found the Japanese Forth International Party.
By 1967, becomes both an anti-Marxist as well as contra-the Westernized
Modernism, leaves the Party to investigate other alternatives.
He initiates the Ecological movement, becomes involved in the Japanese Green
Party and the concept of gFoodologyh (See his article for definition and
1985 and post-1986-87; he calls for a complete abolition of animal
slavery-domestication system, finding it incompatible with the tradition and
history of genuine gJapanh.
He attempts to revive and re-introduce the philosophy of gTenjyuh.
He pioneers the first anti-vivisection movement in Japan.

Post 1990, he concentrates in exposing the secret societies attempt towards
the gOne Worldh global plantation or the New World Order.
Has been highly active in historical revisionism of Japan and the rest of
the world.
Has been instrumental in introducing crucial historical documents and books
from the Western world for the Japanese public as well as contemporary and
current thinkers and speakers of alternative theories and values unexposed
in the mainstream media
.(partial list on the next page -eventually.. ..)
Currently he heads the gTenjyu Societyh, gSociety for the Critique of
Contemporary Civilization, gInstitute of Historical Verificationh; is the
chief editor of gNippon Weekly Newsletterh and heads the monthly seminar
of "NIHON GIJYUKU"@which explore the path way towards gTenjyuh via
true facts and information..
-Has introduced the works of Dr. John Coleman and been the supervising
translator for twelve of his published books, as well works of Michael
Hoffman, Steven Knight gJack the Ripperh, W.Cleon Skousen gThe Naked
Capitalisth, Cornell Simpson gDeath of Forrestalh etc. -Has been
instrumental in inviting the following people to Japan and introducing their
work to the public; Fritz Springmeier (gThe Bloodline of the Illuminatih ,
Cisco Wheeler, Eustace Mullins (gThe Curse of Canaanh, gFRBh etc.)
David Icke (gThe Biggest Secreth), Michael Collins Piper (gFinal
Judgmenth), among others.
-Has written (as of now, 2005) well over forty books and
co-authored/translated about thirty.